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Investing in a High Yield SDA Robust Home

Set yourself up for 20 years of passive income and change the lives of Australians with a disability.

By downloading our eBook you will learn about what Robust home is, its design principles and features, current demand and supply on the market, potential yields, and more.

Robust is a High Demand SDA 

Untapped Property Investment Market

Australia is experiencing high demand for Robust homes across the nation. As of December 2023, the total number of enrolled Robust dwellings Australia-wide numbered only 825 out of a total of 8,590, not quite 10% of all dwellings. 


What is NDIS SDA?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a range of housing designed for NDIS participants or people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. SDA dwellings have accessible features to help residents live more independently and allow other supports to be delivered better or more safely. There are four categories of SDA dwellings – High Physical Support, Robust, Fully Accessible, and Improved Liveability.

What is Robust design SDA? Who is it for?

Under SDA design category requirements, Robust housing is designed and built to be resilient and provide high physical access provisions. This is achieved through the use of products, materials and safety features that minimise risk to people with disability and the community.

Robust houses are for people with a cognitive and/or psychosocial disability who may typically require a house or villa to live in on their own, with or without On-site Overnight Assistance (OOA). Other building types such as duplex/townhouses and group homes may not meet the requirements of these people as often additional space and stand-alone dwellings are required.

Achieve up to 12% p.a. net yields

The investment returns with Robust SDA property investors can achieve up to 10-12% per annum net yields, compared to average of 4% p.a. in the traditional residential sector.

Secure rental income for 20 years

The Australian Federal Government has allocated $700 million to fund SDA in order to attract investment and the development of homes, including Robust SDA.

The rents are paid by the Government to the property owner via the Participant’s NDIS funding plan.

A significant social impact

By investing in an SDA property,  you change someone’s life for the better.

Currently, the majority of Australians with Disability are residing in Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals and other Institutional Settings, or in inappropriate homes, which misalign with their needs and goals in life.

As a Robust SDA property owner, you are giving Australians with cognitive or psychosocial disabilities an opportunity to maximise their independent lifestyles and inclusion in the community.

“Well-designed and built Robust SDA needs to respond to the individual and should have a positive impact on their behaviour.”

– SDA provider, Western Australia

Autistic boy with his parents

Why Choose Us

At the NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA, we provide an honest, quality and value-adding property consultancy service to the Specialist Disability Accommodation investor market within the NDIS sector. Our team of consultants will work hard behind the scenes to ensure every step of your NDIS property investment is made right. 


We help you identify your investment goals.


We inform you about available SDA properties and locations.


We keep you updated on the NDIS property market demand.


We guide you through financing options available to you.


We assist you with SDA property purchase from start to finish.


We engage you with the providers who will help you find tenants for your SDA property.


At NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA, we are passionate about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and we want to inspire as many people as possible to work towards a future where all Australians with disability have access to housing that meets their individual needs.

We are a purpose-led and values-driven organisation that believes in doing the right thing, both for investors and for the SDA participants within the NDIS.

Our team would welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

The Team at NDIS Property Australia
NDIS Property Australia team members

The best of many NDIS SDA property advisors

Google 5 star review

Minh came up as the best of many NDIS SDA property advisers/agents out in the market. He’s highly responsive, professional, conscientious and very helpful. Minh’s advice was accurate and the properties in his portfolio represent good value. There is no pressure sales tactic and his Excel ready reckoners provide concise information to help make decisions. Definitely recommend him.

-Aashish “Ash” G

I was nervous about the process of buying NDIS property

Emelitta is amazing. I was quite nervous about the process of buying a NDIS property, considering the complexity in buying it through my SMSF. Emelitta walked me through step-by-step, made sure I knew what to expect, and offered expert advice that helped me through the whole process.

She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. Her professionalism, expertise and excellent interpersonal skills work synergistically to make her a wonderful representative for anyone attempting to purchase.

She handled every question I had promptly, and her communication skills are exceptional. She is very focused and result oriented for her clients. I have no hesitation and would highly recommend her for anyone who needs her service to purchase a NDIS property.

-Raj Nagarajan

Extremely professional

Google 5 star review

Extremely professional and by far the best value NDIS homes in Australia. Emelitta was great to deal with and couldn’t recommend her more. Many thanks!

-Connor Oliver

Features of a Robust House


The SDA HOUSING Podcast series covers a wide range of topics from information about how we work with all stakeholders in sourcing and delivering brand new SDA properties which are SDA compliant, to general information about the NDIS, and statistics about Specialist Disability Accommodation in the NDIS sector.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is SDA housing a good investment?

The approach to SDA funding has made investing in accommodation designed for people with disability (NDIS participants) both commercially viable and attractive for investors. NDIS SDA housing attracts investors who want a long-term, steady income while receiving market-beating yields.

SDA properties are built in high-demand areas where clients are already investing.


Who looks after tenant in my Robust SDA?

The properties we sell have OOA (On-site Overnight Assistance) rooms – this means on-site support staff for tenants. These carers are employed by SIL (Supported Independent Living) providers to look after tenants in the home and are paid from the tenants’ NDIS plan.


Where do you have Robust SDA properties for sale?

Currently, we have SDA properties available throughout Australia. Our properties are spread between regional and more central areas due to the demand for disability housing. We take a cautious approach to locations, fully aware that we don’t want to see an oversupply of property in any area.

In the near future, Victoria and Melbourne, along with Tasmania will see a rise in Robust SDA housing due to the existing high demand for Robust SDA homes in these areas.


Can I build a multi-storey Robust SDA to maximize number of tenants?

Apartment buildings and double-storey properties are not suitable for Robust design category dwellings due to the risks associated with tenants and on-site care providers, i.e. falling or being pushed downstairs.

Most Robust-funded participants will require a single tenancy home due to their psychosocial behaviours. The built environment plays a big part in reducing the frequency and impact of these challenging behaviours.

“Good design reduces the incidence of poor behaviour, behaviours of concern like self-harm, damage to property, injuring other people… as a result that improves the lives of residents, their co-residents and the people that work with them.”

– Stakeholder – ‘Designing person-centred robust Specialist Disability Accommodation’ authorised and published by the Victorian Government, July 2021

Learn about Robust homes

By downloading our free Robust SDA eBook, you will learn in more detail about:

  • What Robust home is.
  • Design principles of Robust homes and features.
  • Current demand and supply of Robust homes across Australia.
  • Why you should consider investing in a Robust home.
  • Income and yield projections for various tenancy types.
  • The NDIS participants who qualify for Robust housing.